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We had a great experience building our dream home with classic American. Even with building during the pandemic, we still were moved into our home before our lease was up in our rental. We moved from Ohio to come to El Paso and build and they made sure we got everything that was possible in our wish list. We got a great plot of land ina great area and our house is simply stunning!! Highly recommend!

May 04, 2021
Nakita Martin

Closed on our Classic American home,  December 30th. So far, so good (knocks on wood). My husband and I were fortunate to watch our home being built from the ground up. The frame it self was done very well. Every little thing done was approved by someone. The tile work is awesome and I'm extremely thankful for them allowing me to change my mind at the last minute. We went with the agent selling the homes (Jorge N.) which was awesome and always kept us updated with the status of our home (even though my husband was there almost every other day ) It took 6 months to build our home, so I know it wasn't just thrown together sloppily. I'm extremely proud of our home, and I do recommend Classic American homes.

Mar 09, 2021
Idalia Franco

I’m very greatful for all the help classic American homes have given us ! They allowed me to take Pictures a few days before so my husband was able to be part of the color selection even though he is over seas. During the visit I was able to FaceTime my husband and all of our questions were answered ! Again thank you ! They made this process 10 times easier and not as stressful!

Jun 02, 2020
Anais Shultz

Bob is amazing! As a single first time home owner I was very nervous going to my color selection appointment, that all went away the minute Bob said hello. He is so welcoming and genuine that I enjoyed the process and didn't feel stressed at all. He did not rush me or pressure me into anything and was so insightful and full of taste. He has excellent suggestions without making me feel like I had to go with his suggestions. I can't imagine going through this process with anyone other than Bob. 

Jun 01, 2020
Xena Quintana

Bob was such a great help. He was very helpful and honest when it came to picking my colors for my home. Great customer service. Really appreciate the professionalism and patience that bob demonstrated.

May 29, 2020
Christine Avalos

Bob did a great job! Even with COVID-19 going on, he ensured that we were safe and had an enjoyable experience!

May 12, 2020
Steven Ramirez

My wife & I were very happy with the service provided by Mr. Theriot! He was very thorough, knowledgeable, and patient as we went through our color selection at the design center. Mr. Theriot assisted us and made very good suggestions that helped us! We left feeling very satisfied with our choices and excited! So far our experience with Classic American Homes has been great! We can't wait for our home to come together. We will definitely refer our family & friends!

Apr 26, 2020
Jose Donacio

We had our walk through today and Bob was amazing. Took his time to explain all warranties that are included with our home. He provided us with an ample amount of information. He really took his time walking from room to room. May I also add he is very punctual, as he was there before us. Overall a great experience as we are first time home buyers. Thank you for making the experience a great one. Classic American homes is the way to go. -The Franco’s

Apr 18, 2020
Catalina Cortes

I loved how they have a system to succeed. From the owner taking the call and guiding me, to the agent rep who was willing and knowledgeable taking me to other sites as I requested. To the rep helping with chosing colors and actually going out of his way to help, to the office manager clarifying expectations. I also love the quality of their product and the willingness and availability from the whole team. From all the team, we only encountered one grumpy unwilling employee, which we forgot all about because it go over compensated with all the help and wisdom from everybody else.

Mar 10, 2020
Victoria Aguilera


Mar 02, 2020
Ryan Van Buren

Explaining everything step by step and very helpful!

Feb 26, 2020
Antonia Soto

I'm currently in the middle of year 1 with the service contract for my beautiful new home in West El Paso. Thank you Ernie and JoAnne with American Classic for your prompt response to my service requests.

Feb 26, 2020
Janice Cahill

The color selection process was great! Bob showed us some great options and gave very helpful suggestions.

Feb 25, 2020
Trevor Baize

Great customer service by Ms. Clemente. We loved her attitude and willingness to help my wife and I. We definitely recommend your Services.

Jan 19, 2020
Omar Guevara

Classic American tried to fix everything that concerned me. I can't wait to move to my beautiful home.

Jan 14, 2020
Crysalin B. Sachi

This is our 2nd Classic American Home. We are very happy that we chose Classic American home when we chose to downsize from our previous home. After having toured different homes no other builder gave us that Awe.. feeling that we got from the current home that we chose. Looking forward to starting new family memories in our home. Thank you Classic.

Jan 07, 2020
Anita Luna