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The Search
Finding your dream home will be easy with Classic’s large selection of house plans. When visiting a Classic American home, or one of our models, a real-estate agent will help you decide on the right El Paso new home for you. Once you have made that decision, a contract will be presented to Classic for our acceptance.

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Even before Classic has received a contract, we will be conducting numerous soils tests to determine soils conditions for the lots that we own. We will also be analyzing environmental factors such as drainage, future traffic noise and sound abatement. To accommodate soil conditions, we will adjust our foundation plans for a variety of house plans. Classic American foundations are engineer-designed “post tension” type with closely spaced cables crisscrossing the slab at varying footing depths. All of this is done to assure permanent stability of your home’s foundation.

Permits and Inspections
Once Classic has accepted your contract, construction plans will be sent to City Hall for a building permit. With construction comes daily inspections by our on-site construction managers and City of El Paso inspections at various stages of completion. Unscheduled inspections are also conducted by the upper management and owners of Classic American. You will find that at Classic American Homes we have a commitment to quality and that our homes are built accordingly.

Color Selection
During a preconstruction phase you have the opportunity to make an appointment at Classic’s Design Center for a color selection session, usually lasting about 2 hours. It is very important that the buyer of record be present at the color selection. At this time, you will become acquainted with some of Classic American’s friendly office staff as well as a wide variety of color samples covering such materials as floor covering, cabinets, counter tops, paint, plumbing fixtures and roof covering.

Change Orders
At almost the same phase, you may have the opportunity to ask your agent to request “change order” or upgrade items for your home based on your personal preferences. This is your chance to add, at a reasonable cost, some of those personal touches that you have been thinking about. Classic American policy requests that the cost of these extras be paid in advance and the number of permitted changes is limited. Not all change requests can be granted.

Construction begins with a concrete slab and framing stage. Next comes the “rough-in” stage. This may be the longest stage of construction since so many systems are developing within the home such as plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical. At this stage of construction you’ll find the house also taking shape on the exterior with roof covering, trim, windows and doors installation.

Once all mechanical trades have completed their rough-in work, the house is insulated and drywall (sheetrock) is installed. Now the house really begins to look like a Classic American home. All of the cosmetic items are installed such as paint, interior trim, cabinets, counter tops, sinks, bath accessories and mirrors. The flooring and the appliances are the final items installed.

At this point your home is ready for a home buyer’s orientation. It usually takes 1 ½ or 2 hours. It is very important that the buyer of record be present for this walk-through/orientation meeting. A representative from Classic American will meet with you to walk through the house and ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Classic’s representative will also give you an overview of the warranty that comes with the purchase of your new home. A Homeowner's Maintenance Manual will also be provided to you at the walk-through. After this walk-through orientation, you normally have seven (7) calendar days to close on your home.

We understand that buying a home can be a stressful time for many home buyers. Rest assured, Classic American Homes is a builder of integrity. We will strive to relieve the stress and earn your trust throughout the construction process and beyond. Classic is committed to making your home buying experience pleasant and making your dream home a reality. After all, without buyers like you, there would not be a Classic American Homes.


" Classic American Homes built our home to suit my daughters needs...all the doors are wide for wheelchair accessibility. "

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